Why for God we are reporting bugs?

These bugs https://forums.comodo.com/other_general_gui_etc_bugs/cis_310_parental_control_impossible_to_activate_the_alerts_suppression-t42197.0.html and https://forums.comodo.com/other_general_gui_etc_bugs/my_blocked_or_quarantined_files-t43582.0.html remains since CIS 3.10. Why? Is too dificult to fix that?

How can I set up CIS to max. security with zero popups if I can’t even activate the alerts suppression?

Mods, don’t move this post, this isn’t a bug report none a “help me”!



Bug Fixing needs to be prioritized in order of importance. In this case, Comodo are working on Comodo Internet Security Version 4 and that is going to be in beta in atleast 2 months time, However, As you can see since v3.10, emergency fixes have come out to fix the SERIOUS bugs exsiting in v3 series while developing CIS v4, and Comodo have done just that. Parental Control bug for example would be a low priority AND/OR other “higher priority” bugs need fixing. But rest assured a serious bug CAN NOT be missed. It’s all about management and priorities and at the moment CIS v4 is the priority (Unless there will be another emergency fix in the v3 series…)On a side note: Don’t forget Fixing just one bug isn’t a pretty process, Identifying and Reproducing a bug is one thing, But digging into code such as CIS CODE to place a fix is another. So it’s all about management and prioritizing bugs.

Yes, There is a bug with Parental Control - I was aware of it when writing the guide, Please see here for a workaround:


I consider this a high priority bug since someone that use your computer and doesn’t know how to answer can do bad things with it, but thanks Josh, your suggestion solve my problem!