Why firefox need "windows updater applications" to acces the net? [SOLVED]

Hi all, I just installed the firewall.

I started firefox and created a new rule for it. I’m looking at the network security policy at the moment and there is an entry which is call : “windows updater applications” treat as custom. If I refuse net access to this, firefox cannot get connect to the net.

Anybody know why? What is “windows updater applications” and what this thing has to do with firefox?

Hi and welcome Tam,

Most likely it’s not because of Firefox but svchost.exe, which is by default part of the “windows updater applications” and is needed for networking in Windows. You should leave the policies as default.

Thanks, it’s only firefox who need it. All others still has net access with the updater blocked.

Sorry, this is confusing. The entry that you’re modifying is for Firefox or for the “Windows updater aplications” file group? Also, are you in “network security policy” or in “computer security policy”?

I’m in the network policy. The entry is not in the firefox file group, it’s in his own filegroup wich contain only one and the name of it is : "“Windows updater aplications” I can’t find anymore information about it, comodo doesn’t appear to give any more information about the process.

If I block access to this updater, firefox can’t reach the net.

I took a ss (posting in a new message in case that you have already read the previous one):


Windows Updater Applications is a group of applications defined in Defense+ - Common Tasks - My Protected Files - Groups, that includes svchost.exe, among others. Svchost.exe does a number of things on behalf of windows services. One of the things it does is DNS lookups.

So, unless configured otherwise, every time Firefox requests a new page by URL, svchost.exe will query the DNS server (port 53, usually) to resolve the host URL into IP address.

Ok, I understand, thanks.

Thanks MaratR for explaining it with more detail than I. :slight_smile:

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