Why Firefox cache isn't cleaned ?

I noticed that when i download a malware and when it’s detected, CIS was cleaning the destination folder but not firefox cache… So when i run ccleaner, cis finds the malware in the cache…

It’s not what i call acid like cleaning… :wink:

I think acid like cleaning is not implemented yet.

It cleans exactly like CIS 4.1 did, so you need to run CCLeaner in order to clean firefox cache

Acid like cleaning is there, infact Super acid cleaning, just click on the clean button & it will acid clean the things which you didn’t wanted to delete :wink:

I use this RC 2 for a week and it never deleted anything extra to a marked bad file. So I don’t know what you want to say and frankly i am not in a mood for solving riddles

Why would one with fast adsl/cable connexion want to keep Firefox cache when closing it, and not to use Firefox privacy settings so as to wipe it automatically?

On another side, Firefox cache is less accessible to scanning then IE Temporary Files, because it is written in coded format and not in plain files, this property also somewhat reducing the ability of whatever executable to express itself spontaneously from this cache, assumed that the cache cannot be loaded with whatever executable, but only javascripts, iframes…

If you are paranoid, you can check the contents of the cache is visible format:

I just meant that I dont like Clean on AV Alert to Delete the things coz the word Clean is confusing.