Why Explorer.exe is not set as Windows System Application by default?

Why after installation in default Computer Security Policy, explorer.exe is not set as a Windows System Application? (L)

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I want to know more about what you are saying as I just installed the latest version and explorer won’t work, just a blank screen with a working cursor and task manager but I can’t do anything further …

What windows are you running. I have windows 8 x64 with start8 and when i run explorer.exe it’s fine…

I have win 7 pro 64bit

Explorer.exe should be a System Application when using Firewall and Internet Security configurations. With Proactive Security it’s changed to Allowed Application.

I am running proactive configuration and never disturbs me when running explorer.exe

The question is about why Explorer.exe is not listed as a Windows System Application in HIPs rules.

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Is it listed as a system application in internet and firewall configurations??
Yes i see what you mean as in proactive you would think it would be more restrictive than the others
but as you are saying sure enough it’s listed as an “allowed application” in hips rules. I have not run cis 6 in firewall or internet configurations only proactive…so i wouldn’t know…duh…oops…