why don't use the code from google chrome 4 (stable)?

since it’s already on a stable state, why not update CD’s code with chrome’s latest stable one? and since it now supports extensions, it would make the browser alot more versatile and increase overall browsing experience, since users will be able to costumize the browser. or is all this already in the making by you guys?


Think the resources allocated to the browser maybe on hold, but that’s just a guess on my part. But in reality, I’m sure there working on it all the time, and you will hear about it all lat once when they unleash what they been doing (this is the impression I was given from previous official postings/replies) with it.

I second that. I would love to use Dragon as my primary browser, but the lack of extensions make it impossible.

why don't use the code from google chrome 4 (stable)?
I don't know. But I do know theirs a google chrome 5 beta out NOW!!!.

hmm, i’m using chrome 5 now and there aren’t many changes. and besides, chrome 5 is just dev, not a beta even :wink: but when CD support extensions, it will rock the ■■■■ out of any browser out there! :smiley: just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

yep, we will always update our base :wink: