Why doesn't the firewall block ping requests?

I have just added a rule in the Network Security Policy - Global Rules, and chose
‘Block ICMP In From MAC Any To MAC Any Where ICMP Message Is ECHO REQUEST’ (in CIS 5.8 (latest)).

Hopefully, this should block the ping requests. I went into a virtual machine and tested a ping, however it did not block the ping requests.

I tested an older version and got the rule
‘Block ICMP In From IP Any To IP Any Where ICMP Message Is ECHO REQUEST’.

Here, the MAC and IP are different, the older version (IP) DID block the request, but the current version (MAC) didn’t block. Do these MAC and IP settings differ or is it not supposed to make a difference. If not, then why is CIS 5.8 not blocking the ping requests? ???

There are no differences between the security configuration files, at least as far as Global rules are concerned, between 5.5 and 5.8. If you choose either the Proactive Security configuration or the Firewall Security configuration, there are explicit rules for blocking certain types of ICMP packet, including Type 8 Echo request. - see first image and second images

If you are using the Internet Security configuration - the configuration used when the AV component is installed - the Global rules are slightly different. In this situation, inbound Echo requests are not explicitly blocked, however, the final Global rule blocks all inbound IP traffic including ICMP type 8. - see third and forth images.

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