why doesn't svchost.exe prompt me for access?

i have no application rules set for c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe

but comodo firewall is allowing it outbound access (to my router/home network). i know it’s a safe program, but shouldn’t it still prompt me if it doesn’t have an application rule?

does svchost.exe get included in “system” (or other allowed program) rules? i have a rule to allow “system” out.

maybe some svchost.exe things are so fundamental, it’s beyond comodo’s control?

i’m confused.

Hi, you don’t get the prompts for Svchost.exe because it’s included in the default updater rules. Delete these and you’ll be better able to control what Svchost does and doesn’t do.

ahhh ok i see now. i do have “windows updater applications” and it’s set to outgoing only.

i won’t delete them. i was just curious why svchost had access, wasn’t prompting me, and i didn’t see a rule for it.

but i get it now. thanks for your help.