Why doesn't CPF 3.0 use the configured route?


I run a caching DNS, and disallow bypassing it by way of an external firewall that sits just before my ADSL modem. I notice that CPF 3.0 tries to send out UDP requests to port 53 on, and I used CPF 3.0 to identify the source as cmdagent.exe, part of CPF 3.0. Outgoing traffic to port 53 is banned, I want everyone to use the one available on the local network.

Had to smile, I use CPF 3.0 primarily to control the network traffic on an application level, so it was easy to find who was trying. But why doesn’t it just use the server that is configured as the DNS server?

Other than that, 3.0 runs fine on both Vista and XP so far, there’s been a couple of non reproducable crashes, and it sometime slows down, but I suspect this blocked traffic is partly to blame.