Why does this software hate my computer?

i got my authorization codes, but neither the firewall or antivirus will let me register, to get out of the trial version
the antivirus says can’t connect to server and the firewall gives me another error
I searched these forums and tried everything others habe mentioned but no luck, i can’t figure it out

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Might want to try this “work-around” i found in another thread that helped me register…

  1. right click the Comodo Launch Pad in the systray
  2. mouse over Personal Firewall
  3. mouse over Adjust Security Level
  4. click Allow All (disables CPF)
  5. register your Comodo software
  6. repeat steps 1-3, then click Custom to re-enable the CPF

did it, didn’t help, thanks though

get another license to see if it helps.
get few if you like…