Why does the forum send me my password by email??? [Resolved]

I’m your new forum member, and I’m disappointed :frowning: Why does the registration form send me my password in the registration email??? I hope you don’t store the passwords in a recoverable way…

Wouldn’t it be possible not to send passwords by email? I had better thoughts of security experts… But on the other hand, comodo firewall is just amazing :wink:

Just curious, but is this the first forum you’ve ever registered on? Just about every other forum I’ve ever registered on sends the email verification (usually containing the password as well) via email. These forums run on SMF, which many other forum run on as well.

No, of course this isn’t the first forum… But I hate this behavior. If I choose a password I’m likely to remember it (or save it to a password manager). An email client isn’t a good password manager for me (and I hope it isn’t for most people). If I imagine the path of the email, all the computers that can freely read my password… And what’s worst, you are not warned that the password will be sent in plaintext.

The solution is simple: This is the initial login password. Once logged in, go to your account settings (Profile at the top of the page) and change the password to something else. This new password will not be sent out on an email.
Works like this with all boards I have registered on.

Good idea, John :wink:
Personally, I would prohibit sending passwords by unencrypted email for any reason :smiley:

I will consider this resolved and lock this thread.
If you require it re opened, please pm any Mod or Admin.