why does the firewal need to isolate every new program that runs in my computer

why ? its so annoying … i have to do not isolate that again

at least get it fixed like the version before asking the user what to do… :-\

i think i will revert back to version 5 because the firewall doesnt isolate application without asking :-[

It is normal for some programs to be isolated. How many programs are being isolated?

Can you please attach a screenshot of one of these isolated programs which you believe should not be isolated?


sure i was exagerating about all the programs… but im so tired of doing dont isolate it again … i dont know if isolating a good program slows that program down or may help him crash ( never experienced that btw…)

but is there any way of not isolating any programs and keep that function disabled?

thanks for answsering mate

Most applications will run just fine in the sandbox. Thus, you really don’t need to select the option to don’t isolate again unless there is a problem.

The automatic-sandbox is actually there to reduce alerts. If you disable it you will receive many more alerts from the HIPS module. Thus, I would recommend you leave it enabled.

By the way, you can submit unknown applications for whitelisting in this topic. That way, once they are whitelisted, they will never be sandboxed again.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.