Why does scheduled full scan take 4 hrs while manual full scan takes 46 mins?

Comodo, Win 8.1 x64 Pro. My weekly scheduled full computer scan invariably takes about 4 hours, whether or not I’m using the computer for other matters. I couldn’t run it yesterday, so I ran a manual full scan just now: 46 minutes. The question is where does the difference come from? In the scheduled scan, I have “enable scanning optimizations,” “decompress and scan compressed files” and update before scanning checked in Options. Not that I have many, but would the difference be scanning compressed files? See the attached log files for 4-12 and 4-20. Thanks,

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The difference in time to complete a scan is determined by the scan configuration.

You click on the Scanner Settings and click on this and that and tick this or that.

The idea is to get the stuff you want scanned scanned and the stuff you don’t want scanned won’t.

Forget the compressed files > 5MB

I hate having to make a single rule for all of Capt. R.E. Lee’s career.

Well yeah, that’s why in the OP I listed the ticked boxes. That’s the set up of the scheduled full scan, which takes 4 hrs on schedule or run manually. Since compressed files aren’t an issue, is the difference solely due to ticking “enable scanning optimizations” (isn’t that a default setting?)? Or does the Full Scan choice run from the Home screen, the one that takes 45 minutes here, really not “Scan all the files and folders in the computer?”