Why does my monitor display hesitate when I am typing ?

When I am typing there is a possibility of a 2 or 3 second constipation as I type and nothing comes out on the display - and then it suddenly gushhes out of the keyboard buffer and all the characters suddenly appear as they should.

This happens when I am using Firefox and typing in any forum, even this one and right now.
This ALSO happens when Firefox is closed and I am simply typing in an Open Office document on my local drive, i.e. not using the Internet myself, but of course Comodo may be doing automatic signature updates etc., and Windows XP has sundry services that may be getting Time updates or reporting back to Bill Gates & Co.

There it goes again at 12:24.

On 1st Aug 2008 my ESET NOD32 licence expired and I decided to use Comodo.
I uninstalled ESET and also Comodo 3.5, and installed the latest Comodo C.I.S.
At that time the only irritation was the frequent junk updates to dberr.txt,
which rapidly lost all the information previously held on software installations etc.

Starting about 2 or maybe 3 months ago, I observed this annoying hesitation between keyboard and display.
It is still doing this with version 3.14.***

At 9:16 a.m. today the system completed booting up.
At 9:22 a.m. it added the usual line of junk to dberr.txt - since then nothing so 3.14 has almost cured it.
At 9:54, 11:25 ,11:55 and 12:26 the virus database has been updated
( It probably happened at 10:25 and 10:55 as well, but I was not looking between 10:00 and 11:30.)

SO At 12:24 there was keyboard to Display lag whilst the database was been merged and update completed at 12:26.

How about 10:11 when I also suffered keyboard to display lag.

I found this problem in version 3.13 even when I disabled all automatic A.V. signature updates
other than a scheduled scan once a day of one file to force a signature update.
I assume that 3.14 will do the same

Is this problem :-
Purely an anti-virus update attempt at 15 minute intervals ?
Even when updates are only allowed on schedule once a day ?
Could Defence+ have become far more sensitive to and distracted by background Windows O.S. activities ?
Could the Firewall have become more affected by stuff it sees on the Internet ?
N.B. A Netgear Router/Firewall protects me from most incoming internet junk.

I found no entries in the AV, Firewall, or Defence+ logs.
Are there any configuration changes that might give me relevant information in the logs.

Several days ago I total removed and purged Comodo 3.13, and then did a clean install without using old settings. The only change was to select “Proactive Security” configuration.
Yesterday I permitted the update to 3.14, and that changed me to “Proactive Security - Updated”,
and add a further new “Proactive Security” option.


Can you have a look at the taskmanager during these issues, this sounds like CPU spiking…
If you like more detail then please download process explorer from sysinternals.com

I have this problem as well, but it only occassionally. As Ronny suspected, it’s coming from the browser’s hunger for CPU, at least for me.

Hi Guys,

Another helpful Utility from SysInternals is Autoruns so you can see startups & more

Actually if the ProcessExplorer(PE) that Ronny suggested is running you can use both together conveniently since Autoruns now providing pop-up menu item for PE

Regarding the delay during typing there could be many reasons. Some are even computer brand related in conjunction with the services of preinstalled Software
Say, specifically Dell laptops with Media Direct mentioned in some places and there is a fix , e.g. [url=http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=151397] TechnologyGuide - TechTarget

My regards


concatenating additional “Updated” signs is known issue … I have 6 of them :slight_smile:
That should be fixed I hope

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I agree it sounds like CPU spiking, but after 30 years creating software I still have not mastered touch typing,
so when I look up from the keyboard I might realise something is missing from the screen, and before I can react and move from keyboard to mouse the last couple of words come galloping out of the buffer and onto the screen. I think I will try Sysinternals and also Autoruns.

I agree that the Browser is suspect, I am still on Firefox 3.5.6, but I saw this problem with earlier versions also,
AND I have seen it with Firefox closed and when editing a local document with Open Office.

I have a 5 year old Acer Laptop which has never had XP re-installed - just Acronis disc images to take me back a week in case of calamity. Anything pre-installed and un-noticed has never caused problems before. I am fairly certain it is something to do with recent changes to Comodo C.I.S.

HOW ACCURATE is “CPU TIME” in Windows Task manager, and is Sysinternals any better, or am I annoyed by another fundametal problem with Windows ?
When I have all protection removed, and the Internet disconnected, it takes 30 seconds from switching on power to logon, and another 20 seconds until everything is fully available to me i.e. System Idle Process is at 95%. With C.I.S. installed and active, and the Internet connected, logon occurs about 60 seconds after power on, and it needs another 50 seconds before System Idle Process has anything spare for me to use. I think that Comodo is adversely affecting my start-up with an extra 60 seconds delay, and yet CPU Time seems to be about 2 seconds for CFP and 10 seconds for CMDAGENT. It seems that Comodo is doing something but Windows is not recording the CPU Cycles that are being consumed.

N.B I was not too concerned about the extra updated - just giving a complete picture of my “almost” brand new security installation which is otherwise brand new default.


Greetings all,

Sorry for that , but be prepared for a long story.

This thread is like 12 days old and we don’t have the info regarding a solution and/or the outcome of the investigation by Alan

… as that was said in one of THE most brilliant songs ever by “Cream” there are “many fantastic colours!”

… similarly there could be many causes of the described behaviour

Here is the one and very funny one … and that is from my yesterday’s experience, believe me or not.
I just felt compelled posting and sharing this no matter what… It may help somebody
in the future


My acquaintance called me yesterday and described practically precisely the same behaviour.

Small office / 3 computers (desktops) networked + one laptop
The desktops are running XP pro 32bit; the laptop (unfortunately) running preinstalled win7 x64 (Ultimate). She (yes) substituted the oldest practically dead desktop by that …c**p

Back to the point:

The small office was set up like 7-0 months ago, except the laptop - 2 months ago unfortunate purchase of x64 win 7

So, 7-9 months ago I lead them by the phone and /or by e-mail how uninstall all existing preinstalled security and install Comodo’s Firewall only and Avira That was a setup except one desktop that’ running a-squared Anti-Malware (paid/licensed)

She called and described the situation on all 4 computers that has no practically no difference whatsoever compare to what Alan posted initially
The obvious difference though is – there is no Comodos’s AV present.

What would you thing about that? The latest 3.14 Comodo’s Firewall is there and all computers were working fine after the latest Comodo update… and all of a sudden - ”That!”

I went there with all my portables in order to investigate. The Firewall was the last thing in my mind anyway. I was actually going to do all preliminary tests suspecting …. you’r right – the infection.

After the short test the behaviour was confirmed on all 4 PCs.

As described by OP – huge delays in typing (G-mail; OE; Open Office: preinstalled trial of MS Office on the laptop; notebook… name it) There were slight differences though – on 2 PC’s nothing practically comes back after typing; on the other hand one of the PC’s could all of a sudden “wake up’ and display the sequence of previously entered symbols like crazy accompanied with the sound of the internal speaker.

When I choose one of the the desktops as a working place I asked to clean it a bit around because that was a real mess (!!!) … no place for even a piece of paper and a pencil.

And she asked me: “Can you hold a keyboard please for a sec.?”

We are very close to a funny part :slight_smile:

As soon as I got the keyboard holding it that was not hard to understand – the thing I’m holding is … guess what? … Sure! – it’s wireless.

And the idea hits me …

in Russia/Ukraine we have an expression :

“ The ■■■■■ hit you in the head together with a chamber pot” :smiley:

I ran to the laptop computer, still holding the bloody MS wireless keyboard… and found that the same brand of the wireless MS keyboard was connected to the freaking laptop :o

I pressed several buttons on a laptop’s own keyboard and all input was going through perfectly, using any of previously not working applications

You got my drift … yes … I just flipped over all those MS wireless keyboards and …
I’ve changed the batteries !!! (2 AA each) …
… She had many at home (not guessing why!.. for God’s sake!)

And that was the end of all troubles.

Thank you for your time an patients



1) The funniest thing I ever heard as a conclusion of all that boring story - that during those 7-9 months the batteries inside the mouses belonging to those MS wireless sets were changed 2–3 times
… but she had no slightest idea that there are batteries inside the keyboard too :slight_smile:

2) since that was mentioned here is “Swlabr” attached
For you Enjoy! “Many fantastic colours” … many ways to have the Systems fail!

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Real-Life troubleshooting :smiley:
Nice story, shows again to start at the basics and not try to over complicate things.

Thank you Ronny ,

there could be many different causes as pointed … have a look at Fox forum for some “similar” issues…

… but … but … yeah! the one I came across was a real fun … I am still :o

as a matter of fac [t] :slight_smile: does anybody know the brand of a wireless keyboard working without a batteries … I am interested ;D

the “crossref” thread and very related one as a matter of …

Cheers! :■■■■

Speech Input was far more convenient than a Wireless keyboard.

I remember the good old days when I only had to phone the typing pool,
and they would send in Miss Jones with her type-writer ! ! !

Back to topic.

I use a wired keyboard connected via USB2.

I have not seen any keyboard delays for the last few days.
This might be due to not typing so much, or not looking back at the screen,
or it might be that the last virus signature update I accepted was 5 days ago,
and perhaps that one is more efficient than some I have suffered with.
(I vaguely remember an exchange in the A.V. forum where the user had excessive delay when manually scanning a file and he was asked to submit the file so the relevant signatures could be identified and possibly improved.)