Why does every company feel the need to bundle there stuff

I gave this product a 1, for the simple reason that I have absolutely no desire to run the Comodo firewall or defense+ product.

And before any of you jump all over this post about you need a firewall and IDS system. Just stop right there. I know plenty enough about security and why I should (or shouldn’t run) firewalls or IDS systems. Security should be done in layers and that means multiple products from multiple vendors; not an all in one solution.

I just wanted the AV product, nothing more. So, it was installed, on when I saw the firewall come up after the reboot, it was quickly uninstalled.

And I had such high hopes for this product…

This seems to make no sense.
Did you miss this screen during the install?

[attachment deleted by admin]

D + can be disabled. it requires a reboot after (so it says in the option)… so if you want the AV only you chose the AV… and if you don’t want D + turn it off…

Hi advisorgee,

I will not “jump all over this post” about layers of security.

I may just ask what is the precise link did you use in order to download CIS?
The reason is that your previous request about “updated version of just CFP" was straight after the image of the Configuration Wizard screen, which Bad Frogger posed where
only Antivirus was chosen as an option
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topic title: Why does every company feel the need to bundle there stuff

don’t know about other company, but IIHD (if i heard correctly ;D ) one of reasons why comodo bundled their software is for efficiency reason. so they don’t have to make separate updater for each of their softwares.