Why does CTM report "Low Space"

I have a 500 gig boot drive with 422 gigs of free space. I have 5 snapshots. CTM reports that I am running out of free space. I read a reply concerning this problem, but fail to understand what exactly is going on. Why is this happening? Comodo isn’t really taking up all 422 gigs of free space, is it? I think the drive has a single partition and that partition is the whole drive. How do I fix this problem? Also I can’t find the version number, but clicking on “Update” say’s “There are no updates available” so I assume I have the latest version. Additionally CTM says I have 391123MB free.

Please be very careful now before you make things go bad…

What version of CTM are you running?
Please read the posts here, if you make the wrong decision you can lose all data, so please BACKUP your files to an other physical device before making changes to your system.

CTM stores it snapshots out of the view of the OS, so Windows will show lot’s of free space, but CTM can save snapshots to disk without Windows noticing it and therefor causing this ‘alert’ in Windows.
If you count all the sizes of the 5 snapshots how much MB/GB are they?

The version number of CTM seems unavailable, I’ve looked everywhere for the version number including the typical “Help and About” Where is the version number? Where do I check for disk space used by snapshots?
At the bottom of the CTM interface page, CTM reports 391 gigs of free space. Since my operating system says I have 422 gigs of free space, can I assume that snapshots are using 31 gigs of space?
Clicking on “Update” CTM says “There is no update available” so I assume I have the latest version.

If you download it from site, it’s 2.8 version (stable).
If you run the forum version, it’s the 2.9 beta.
Version 2.9 beta corrects some troubles of 2.8 and the free space warning.
But, like Ronny said, backup your data asap.

Does installing version 2.9 save the snapshots from 2.8? Other than backing up my data, are there any other specific instructions on installing 2.9?
I just read that you can’t upgrade from 2.8 to 2.9 on your beta information page.
So what happens to my protection. Doesn’t this leave me temporarily without snapshot protection?
Snapshot protection is worth more to me than an upgrade. What if I really need to use a snapshot while I am installing 2.9. Will I be totally out of luck then?
And why can’t you upgrade to a newer version without loosing all your snapshots. Won’t this totally defeat the purpose of CTM? I just do not understand.

No. You need a fresh install. Then, while uninstalling 2.8, you lost the snapshots.

It’s a beta product.
It’s not being developed anymore (see my signature).

Protection? Snapshot technology is NOT a backup NEITHER a protection tool.
It’s a very advanced system restore feature.

I’ve been using Roxio “Go Back’ for years and it saved my computer from a windows re-install on many occasions. CTM seems to do what 'Go Back” did. It too has saved me from having to do an Operating System re-install. For that reason I rely on CTM to save my ■■■ when necessary, and I differ in your suggesting it is not a protection product. System restore programs like this one have been providing me with the “PROTECTION” level no other program can offer. CTM is the best protection, in my books.

When I say protection, I mean antimalware or firewall, which is a work for CIS and not CTM.