Why does CSC access the internet?

I prefer to backup my PC before installing updates. Therefore, I used my firewall to block CSC from accessing the internet. I didn’t find any setting to prevent CSC from checking for updates. Does this setting exist? If not, I suggest adding the setting.

Are there other reasons than update checking that CSC accesses the internet?

Under the Miscellaneous tab, go to Settings. Uncheck the box “Check for Updates when application starts.”

With that unchecked, I have not yet seen CSC connect except when I tell it to. I’ve not set up a sniffer to monitor, but I regularly check my open connections (and not just with CIS).



Also CSC now has updates on what to clean and what not to… i would recommend you let CSC talk to comodo Servers. As some updates (not program update) can fix problems.

I installed the installer version for CSC 2.0.108716.5. When I click on the Misc tab, I don’t see something labeled “Settings”. I looked everywhere I can think, and I can’t find the box you mention.

Perhaps they’ve taken that out of 2.0; I haven’t upgraded yet.

If so, that’s disappointing - I prefer to know when apps are updating; it helps identifying the source of a problem (if one occurs as the results of updates).


As far as I know it’s for checking database updates and possibly program updates (although you have a “Check for updates” button in the bottom left corner).

I also block CSC with CIS currently, since the database updates restored my custom settings. Also I was hoping that blocking CSC could enable instant scanning when launching CSC, but still, one has to wait a while before scanning (as CSC tries to update).

Correct LM, that setting is not available in v 2.0 …