Why does CPF force IE browser?

When I click on the link in the Highlight News section of the CPF GUI.


Pretty bloody good question Jim. It shouldn’t be too hard to use the systems default browser, rather than an explicit call to IE, should it?

ewen :slight_smile:

we’ll address it.


Yeah, I think it’s very useful to choose the system default browser, and NOT the IE… I hate IE!

(WCF15) (L)

I read somewhere that the CPF uses the Internet Explorer HTML rendering engine for its GUI.
Is that true?


until next version on 20th, yes!


I am also one of the people who hate IE. I wont even bother with all the reasons for it. I use Firefox exclusively, except for the shrinking number of pages that will only load in IE.

If, like MS, you need to use IE for a specific reason, then I can understand forcing its use. But otherwise the default browser should be called.

You say this is going to be addressed. If so, you will make a number of people a lot happier, including me.