Why does comodo take so much time to initialize

My girlfriend has comodo 3 installed on her laptop and it works fine except for one thing. Everytime comodo starts up. It can take up to 2 minutes to initialize.
She doesn’t have that many programs that start at the same time which would make comodo initialize slower.

Is there anyone that could help me on how to decrease the initializing time on comodo 3. Thanks in advance.

same prob here yaa

I don’t think it takes 2 minutes but Comodo being that last icon to load in your systray is normal. The program it self is fully loaded into the kernel way before that. When is that last time you defragged? What other security products are you running? Comodo is also the last icon to load right after my Kaspersky which is normal.

Same here… last one to appear in the systray and it takes a long time to appear. Any options/settings to change to speed it up?

See my reply above yours. Its normal behavior. You can speed things up alittle by defragging your drive and boot files.