Why does Comodo keep old paths?

Hi, maybe this has been asked before, it should have been because for me it makes no sense.

Why does Comodo keep old paths like C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS4BCC\hppiw.exe under Firewall/Applications rules and the same thing for File Rating/Trusted files ???

In a very short time the list of files not even present anymore will be huge! and processing these list must take a lot of time? if not still unneeded time…

Agreed! would love to see that option/feature 8)

Other then that, Comodo works superb! you’ve come a long way! ;D

Hi blackkatt,
Clicking the arrow handle at the bottom center of the ‘Application Rules’ and ‘Trusted Files’ interface, opens an options panel with a purge function.
Kind regards.

Edit: Also the following wish maybe of some interest.
An option to set CIS to automatically purge HIPS/Firewall/Trusted Files.

I can see a use for not removing deleted files automatically, for example if you’ve made in-depth rules for an application and then decide you need to re-install it, if CIS would automatically remove the rules then the user would have to redo all the rules… Which is why I mentioned having it as an option in the wish. :slight_smile:

Think you missed a couple of things when you read my post…I’m talking about temp folders, installers and such. Paths/Files that do not exist anymore…

and when do you do “in-depth rules” for an installer or anything in a temp folder?

Sorry I didn’t realize you meant only temporary files, however here you also say “Paths/Files that do not exist anymore…” Wouldn’t that include the files that get removed when uninstalling a program before re-installing it again? Or do you mean specifically paths/files in temp folders only?

I wouldn’t.


I speak about temp folder and rules for installers, but also apps/folders that do not exist anymore. If this goes on the list will be huge and performance must drop for sure.

If you uninstall a program but don’t wanna lose rules for it, i suggest a feature that makes it possible to export your rules if there aren’t already that option?

You can export the whole configuration file but not only the rules, however in my opinion it’s a better idea to have the automatic part of it optional, so if you for example need to re-install a program you just turn off the option then re-install the program and then turn the option on again, seems smother than having to export and import configuration files.

yup, and if it asked you what you wanted to do, so that you didn’t have to look for that option, it would be superb!

Not necessarily in a temp folder, but I have applications that auto-create .bat files with the same name each time they run. After the .bat’s have run, they no longer exist.

As I have created settings for these .bat files based on their file path, I wouldn’t be very happy if CIS automatically purged these.

I guess you have to ask yourself which is the easier (or less annoying) option. Opening the list occasionally and clicking the purge button, or recreating settings for a temporary file each time certain applications run?

Personally, I don’t feel it’s much of an issue to click the button, but I completely understand that other people’s needs aren’t the same as my own. :slight_smile:

Heh, does your .bat files move around? and if you press purge your “paths” would be wiped anyhow… and why don’t you trust does “temp” files instead? you could just exclude that folder or does file names, problems solved for you ? OR even easier, you trust the app that makes the .bat files 8)

either way maybe we could end this debate as I agreed with SanyaIV :a0


Yes, that is why I only choose to remove items from the list manually. :wink:

Because trusting all temp files isn’t a good idea as far as your system’s security is concerned.

Excluding entire folders also isn’t a good idea. It’s a better idea to trust individual items inside a folder.

Again, not the perfect solution. Yes, I do trust the app that makes the .bat files. However, if it decides that it wants to do something that I don’t want it to do, I’d prefer that CIS doesn’t allow it to do whatever it wants to do. Creating the .bat files to do some processing? Great, allow that! Altering the registry or accessing my internet connection? Not something it needs to do, so I’d prefer that it isn’t allowed to do that…

Not a problem. I was merely pointing out what I consider a valid scenario of why auto-purging isn’t wanted behavior.

For those of us that still have Microsoft Office Starter (I know, its dated), spent many hours trying to get it to work with CIS with its Virtual Q: drive, automatic removal of old paths would be troublesome. The virtual Q: drive “does not exist” when Office Starter is not running. Therefore, each time an automatic removal of old “non existent” paths occurs, setting would have to be re-done in CIS. Not a simple process.

Maybe a option to do this would be better, just in case.

Okey, to make it less confusing i will update my post, as I agreed with SanyaIV that a optional option for this would be better…