Why does Comodo Firewall not regognize Comodo Anti-Virus

Yesterday I installed both Comodo Firewall and Anti-Virus. Although both are working fine and was easy to install and configure, I am amazed that Comodo Firewall does not recognize a few standard programs especially Comodo Anti-Virus. Some of the others that are unknown are Adobe Reader 8.1, Windows Live Messenger and Internest Explorer.

I know you will get round to it but comeon and update that database.

Hi philnich, welcome to the Comodo Forum,

The database with CFP has not been updated for quite some time. There is a new version of the firewall currently in beta testing and this will have more regular updates once it is released.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the firewall there is a wealth of information here:


If you cant find what you are looking for then post in the relevant forum section and somebody will be glad to help you,