Why does comodo firewall let the network discovery to connect on Public Network?

Today for ex. I open my Network place, and even if I disable the windows firewall and set my adapter to Public, when comodo ask me about the new network I choose Public again, I’m still seeing the others pc from my network, and this isn’t normal, why does comodo let network discovery to connect, without an warning? With windows firewall if I choose public the network discovery is disable, but with comodo I can’t do that, can I ask why? I know if I choose to turn off network discovery the windows firewall is enable by default(this is the only way I can’t stop my network discovery from seeing other pc). But still I don’t like to have 2 firewalls enable on my pc, why comodo doesn’t alert me about this connection attempt(I configure cfw to custom rules and alert set to medium). I’m behind W7x64 with latest CIS