Why does Comodo Firewall Bring LAN file transfer speed to a slow crawl?

I have Comodo Firewall Version 3.10.102363.531 installed on my system.
My computer is running windows vista business 64bit with SP2, and all latest ms updates.
PC Hardware = Intel Core i7, 12GB DDR3 RAM, with all latest drivers,

With Comodo Firewall Running, when i transfer files over my Jumbo Frames enabled Gigabit LAN, the speeds are very slow. As soon as i close Comodo Firewall (right click on icon and exit) the LAN transfer speeds immediately jump up to fast speeds.

Here is an example: One large file on my NAS, transfered while commodo is running will download at erratic (up/down) speeds fluctuating from 5MB/s to 10MB/s. Once i close Comodo, the speed instantly jumps up to a Steady 30MB/s.

So my question, why is Comodo Interfeering with my LAN transfer speeds, and what can i do to prevent this, and allow Comodo to continue running, while i transfer files over my LAN? ???

Hi FAHQ, welcome to the forums.

I’ve not seen this problem since the early CIS 3 betas. However, interestingly (and the reason I’m posting), doing what you did to exit CIS will have no effect on CIS’s firewall at all. To stop CIS’s firewall component you would have to disable it (exit is not required) or uninstall it completely. The systray icon (cfp.exe) is just the front-end GUI. Exiting this process merely stops CIS from issuing alerts to the user & receiving instructions. But, other than that, it has no functional impact on CIS that I am aware of… although I’m not sure about the AV. Do you have the AV component installed?

I suggest that you try disabling CIS’s components one-by-one to see if any of them have an impact on the LAN transfer rate that you’re observing. Maybe it is something relating to the NAS… did the NAS require you to install drivers/software on your system?

Hello kail. Thanks for your comments.

the first thing i attempted was to disable the firewall component of Comodo by right clicking on the icon then selecting “Firewall Security Level - Disabled”.
This disabled the firewall, and windows firewall disabled alert came on, however the file transfer speed did not improve.

So the next thing I tried was the simple right click on comodo icon and exit, which turned everything off.
This improved the network speed as i mentioned in my original post.
Possibly because it also disabled the “Defense + Security Level section” ?

So right now all i know is that closing Comodo solves my network speed issues.
I do not have the Comodo AV Component.

I can confirm that the NAS has nothing to do with this, as it is only one of many devices i have on my network, and all other PC’s and network devices experience the same slow speed transfering to this pc with comodo on. I also have tested with a isolated windows 7 install on a seperate bios boot drive on this pc, that does not have comodo, and i have no speed issues there.

Any other ideas?

Selecting Exit from CIS’s systray icon does not impact Defense+ in anyway, Defense+ would continue as if nothing had happened (although it would report nothing to the user & default block anything new). As I previously said, the systray Exit stops CIS’s front-end process (cfp.exe) and that’s all it does. Everything else, unless previously disabled, would continue doing its thing silently. This is what’s confusing me, closing that process shouldn’t make any difference. The only thing that I can think of is that there was a delay between disabling the firewall and it impacting LAN transfer rates. Other than that, I’m at a complete loss at the moment… sorry.

it is true only when option “block unknown request when application is closed” is turned on. this option is not turned on by default in any CIS’ configuration.
So, OP might get slow speed because of D+ --anyway check of this is needed.

try following: set Defense+ mode to “disabled”, then initiate LAN transfer. is speed ok now?