why does comodo doesnt start up at system start up?

why doest comodo fails to start on system start up?.. my system also says that i dont have a firewall because comodo fails to start up during system start up…what should i do?

Can you achieve to finish the installation completely? If not,

  • You may not have administrator rights on your computer while installing.
  • There may be a structural problem on your windows registry.


i have the administrator rights…but on start up (after installing comodo) adaware plus notified me about registry modification…

Adaware may have blocked an aspect of the installation.

It is always advisable to disable security software (antivirus, antispyware, HIPS, etc) prior to doing installations (especially of other security software), as they frequently conflict during installation, and block critical aspects thereof.

If you show to have CFP installed, I recommend running the uninstaller, reboot. Run a registry cleaner to clear out any orphaned keys, reboot. Then turn off all other security software, and reinstall. In the event that adaware already blocked something, on system reboot, I recommend removing adaware from the startup until CFP is running. Then you can add it back in…

Go to Start/Run, type in “msconfig”. Go to the Startup tab, uncheck the box beside any Adaware entry, click Apply, OK. And then Reboot.


tnx…ill try it this time…