Why Does Comodo Dial Home Everytime Network Rules Updated?

Why do I get a outbound UDP port 53 connection from cfp.exe when I modify a Comodo ver. 4 firewall rule?

It’s NOT dialling home.

It’s calling your DNS servers to resolve the addresses used in the rule you modified.

Check the IP address the UDP port 53 request went to. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I would accept this answer except, it does the outbound port 53 thing every time; regardless if an IP address is specified in the modified firewall rule or not.

All my outbound DNS port 53 requests are to my NAT router which has a DNS server . So what I always see for IP is which is my LAN side router address.

I still wouldn’t call this “dialling home”, unless you mean it’s dialling your home. :wink:

I recently changed my firewall application rules and this issue disappeared.

Appears that Comodo doesn’t like an IP block all IN/OUT rule as a last rule for System, svchost, and/or Windows OS.