Why does Comodo destroy XP classic desktop view ?

I have Widows XP and installed Comodo Firewall. The program starts automatically and it destroys Windows classic desktop view. I always have to reset it to classic view because it turns to XP view after each machine booting.

How can I retain classic view ?

If you have any similar experience or suggestions, please respond. Thank you.

Can you see if any Windows related files get sandboxed? Look in View Active Processes.

Do you have Block all unknown requests if the application is closed enabled? If so please disable it and see if that helps or not. This setting is not meant for day to day use but for the situation where you think your system is infected.

Sorry, this did not help.

I have set “Force classic shell” in Windows registry, but it is ineffective. Ca. 50 % of the cases after booting turns to XP view and I am afraid it is influenced by the the firewall that Windows cannot retain classic shell by itself.

Do you have fast user switch enabled?

What do you mean exactly, what kind of fast user switch should I enable or disable ?

I made the test (no fast user switch, i only have a single account, all others forbidden).

I saved my current theme, reverted to windows classic and rebooted: still under windows classic.

I have no trusted file or editor.

The sandbox trusted or unknown files are empty excepting a previous safe shell32.dll file (needed from my totally customized installation).

The sandbox or firewall didn’t complain about anything.

But defense+ security strategy asks for 15 new registry rules and 2 new protected files rules, all of them for shell32.dll in order to get a theme modification at work.

After allowing these, it never asks anything again if shifting from one theme to another.