why does comodo AV not scan rar files?

i’ve been trying comodo antivirus for a short while and find it wont scan rar files. all i get is the popup say files scanned 0 detections 0

doesn’t comodo scan rar files?

if yes? why doesn’t it do it for me?

it scans other files and will only scan rar’s after i unpack them. then it works as should, but no packed ones at all so far


i like comodo, but it also has to scan ALL file types

Check the Antivirus settings and be sure that you have enabled archive scanning.

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Exactly correct…

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well first of all why would an av have anything disabled for scanning by default?

i changed nothing from install and gave correct permissions in scans


i checked and rar files are checked in the settings.

but i did notice the size limits are set to 20MB

what kind of default setting is that?

don’t mean to bite the hand that feeds me, but at the same time (with respects)
20mb on modern computers is a bit of a joke for an antivirus default setting. isn’t it?

and should there have to be any adjustments to get it to scan larger files? or anything else at all?
i dont think so.

i like comodo so far, but it’s defaults settings need to be changed by comodo to full any sized scanning.
and no limitations of types too.

i changed the file size limits and scans fine now.

i hope comodo changes that is future releases so people wont experience the same difficulty as me. there should be no reason for people to have to make such an adjustment for it to work properly

thanks for the responses

It’s a scan performance tradeoff. By limiting your on-demand scans by file size or by type, (no archives) you increase scan speed.

It’s really not a big deal that some file types/sizes aren’t included in the manual or scheduled scans because all files are scanned when they are accessed. If malware is sitting inert on your hard drive, it is not a security risk as it can do no harm to your system until executed. This is when CIS will grab it.

So yes, you can increase the file size to scan, but all you are doing is increasing the time that a full scan will take to run on your system. You aren’t really making your system any safer.


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this gives me a question
the scan limit is 20mg
so what happen if the virus size is 25?
i know is a very lager size for a virus but no impossible
so if i execute a malware.exe of 25mb and thinking its safe clic in allow for no sanbox?

what the responder says is true. the Av should pick it up when opening, but it still doesn’t make sense to me to have the defaults set so low with gig+ rar files we often use these days. (on demand scans)

i gladly accept slower scan speeds with full scan capabilities by default. if people don’t need large files scanning? then what difference would it make any difference to them anyway. not run into anything like that with any other AV before. they all scanned full capabilities default.

comodo would function the same speed with small file scans. or am i missng something?

we scan what we scan small or large and if people don’t need large file scannning would it make any difference to them if large files are default instead of small?

or am i missing something about their engine?

i’ve not investigated comodo’s scan engine…so maybe i don’t quite comprehend?

maybe the engine runs much slower if large files are defaulted? that doesn’t make sense to me tho. the speed would be according to the size of the file and therefore why would it slow anything down having defaulted large file enabled?

still think no limitations should be set default with ANY antivirus!

i’m not a low-intel person…that’s why i didn’t even cross my mind that an antivirus settings had to be changed for it to function fully for any size or type. never ran into that with any other AV
and a couple of others tried
so it seems comodo is by itself on this one and it puzzles me why

thanks folks

was thinking a bit and what if you have a 5+gig file and want to scan without opening. with comodo limits you simply cannot scan it

if you give the file to someone to use you want it verified clean before they open it.
with such limitations in comodo you cannot
(just a thought–and yes i do that stuff)

appreciate the responses

It’s a quantity thing. If you have a lot of files larger than your scan size cutoff, these files will be exempt from the scan. Thus the scan will be scanning a smaller number of files than if it also had to scan your large files. The end result? Less time taken to run a full scan.

The chances of encountering malware larger than 20MB are pretty slim. Malware authors want their malicious files to propagate as quickly as possible, and large files are simply too cumbersome for this to happen. 20MB for a scan limitation is a nice tradeoff of security versus scan speed.

yes malware is usually small but they hide inside rar files too. i do graphics work and often work with multi-gig files and sometimes send ones i’ve received to work on to others. i dont download or open anything without scanning. not a picture or a text file. it’s good that comodo has the scan on opening fucntion. that is as it should be too.

if i send the file to someone without opening that’s not as well protected they could get their computer infected by me. something avoided by a decent scan prior.

not saying comodo isn’t a good av…cause it is.

appreciate the responses but even tho it’s a good av and free on top of that…which is very commendable, i personally like full functionality default on any software i use.

guess i may have to remove and put kaspersky or nod32 back on. no offense intended to comodo in the least. just a perrsonal preference and no reflection on the quality of their engine or coding (it’s solid)

thanks for the assists!


thanks for the topic move. i suck at picking the right sections.

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