Why does Comodo Antivirus auto-update itself? [Solved]

This bothers me a lot. Without no user interaction the antivirus database will update itself constantly.
There should be a feature to DISABLE ALL auto updates!
It sorta screws you into having to download the updates, I want to choose when I download and when I want to install, I don’t want my computer making ANY decisions for me.
I don’t mean to come off as hostile, I am just a little more then ticked about this feature, please fix it!

There is a way to trun the updates off

Goto the AV tab > Scanner settings > Under real time uncheck “automatically update virus database before scanning”

if you want the Manual and Scheduled not to update also uncheck “automatically update virus database before scanning” under each tab in Scanner Settings.

Hope this helps! :wink:

Well I feel stupid now.
Thanks for your help lol.

No need to feel stupid, a smart person always asks questions. :wink:

There’s no [sincere] stupid question only stupid answer.

It’s actually a a good thing to leave the AV to update automatically as this will provide you with the most current protection.

My Avira which is running along with CIS is updating itself every 4 hour. So that’s 6 times a day.

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