Why does commodo use google browser?

I’m unfamiliar with how a browser(s) functions so apologies if this is lame question, but. I need a second independent browser to login a game site simentously (Chrome is my default browser) I’m confused on why Commodo uses Google in search. Isnt Commodo a browser in itself? Whats the difference between the two? How does Commodo operate indepentantly? Why is it asking to be default browser if Chrome already is?

Comodo uses google in the search by default because google is a search engine. It really has nothing to do with the browser. You could set IE to use google as the default search if you wanted. Now Google also makes Chrome, which is the actual browser you’re referring to. Chrome is based on Google’s open-source project, Chromium. Comodo is designed from Chromium. And Chromium uses webkit for the rendering, same as Safari.

Google is a advertisement company who creates Chrome browser from open source Chromium.

Comodo is a security provider who creates Comodo Dragon-Chromodo from open source Chromium.

If you want to created your own browser you can use Chromium source codes. (For example, Boulonman Browser)

Google.com is the most known search engine which web-based tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web.

So the default search engine in Comodo Dragon can be Google. There are also other search engines Bing, Yahoo etc.

I hope I can explain some basic things for you :slight_smile: