why does CMT use soo much memory

why does CMT use soo much memory…
CTMTRAY.exe 20mb thats fine

without warning it uses ~250mb
in a asc svchost.exe created/ use by
ClientService uses 50% cpu while running

all of this without warning or any way of tellin CMT to no run rite now .

it’s making my work hard to do …

has destroyed a few videos now. ( caused lagg in frame rate )

the thing that is teh worst it just sits there consumin 250mb of ram … even after it is done .

now i’m worried to remove CMT,
it has saved my PC after a power outtage damage.
now it is becoming more trouble than it’s worth .

what version are you using?

Is there any schedule task being running at that time?

Sory for long wait guys was busy fixing one of my laptops CMT took out of action .

simply no way to sopt it form running when it wanted to and was destroying my video encoding …

i had to use a ghost backup from before i installed CMT.

Sadly as nice as CMT looks & how well it worked on one of my rigs it did not like the hidden host / OEM partitions on some of my computers i tested it on ( xp , xp MCE , xp pro , windows 7 home ) , and eat reasources and fought with CIS when cis woudl run a scan CMT was backing up teh computer would become unusable.

now CIS has game mode , though i still have to dissable anti virus to be sure a scan won;t start during a video edit.
Thanks CIS is awesome , CMT needs more work.