Why does CIS put files after windows update into unrecognized files section?

I had today a Windows 7 update. After i finished it I was shocked to see that I had 500 dll files in the unrecognized files section of CIS.

they all are dll files. in company column it says Microsoft.

Why does it happen?

Are you sure it is the Unrecognised files list and not the Trusted Files. I just purged a big bunch of Windows files.

My initial guess is that they are related to an update of Silverlight. Silverlight leaves a lot of clutter after uninstalling.

Did you remove items from the Trusted Vendors List?

This fact doesn’t mean that the file is digitally signed or whitelisted by Comodo. :wink:

Thanks for your answers guys!

Comodo forum is most helpful and supporting as always :-TU :slight_smile:

I am sure those files were in the unrecognized files. I don’t have silverlight installed.

No, i haven’t removed anything from my trusted vendors list

The files are from this directory: c:\Windows\assembly\nativeimages_v2.0.50727

If those files were put to the unrecognized section does it mean the update was corrupted?