Why does CIS download Yahoo installers when I asked that Yahoo not be installed?

Checking my IDS logs from around my last update:

SRC: GET /cis/download/installs/4075/xml_binaries/yahoo_bsm/searchUpdate.exe HTTP/1.1
SRC: User-Agent: ComodoInstaller
SRC: Host: cdn.download.comodo.com

I explicitly checked the “don’t set yahoo as my home page” checkbox, and yet it still downloaded the installer? I haven’t seen any attempt to change my homepage so I assume it wasn’t run, but it should not have been downloaded to begin with. Is there some configuration I can set to never have anything to do with Yahoo in future?

There is no setting to influence that. You could make a wish for this in Wishlist - CIS following the instructions in Required Wish Format.

It’s a “feature request” to not download things I said I didn’t want? I’m starting to have some serious trust issues here, given how hard comodo has always tried to force Yahoo down my throat…

Hi Browner87,
It is just included in the installer/update package, if it is not selected it is not executed or active.
Not anything to be concerned about IMO.

Kind regards.