Why does CFW has antivirus?

I installed CFW free (not CAV/CIS). However to my surprise I noticed that it has options like, scan, view quarantine and viruscope which I would expect only with a full fledged antivirus like CAV/CIS. Why is that so?

Viruscope is its own module that dynamically identifies malicious files without relying on signatures, or at least that’s the idea, viruscope can be disabled.

CFW also has cloud scanning which can detect malicious files, and clean them. With cloud scanning and viruscope it would make sense to have a quarantine.

For scans, if you click it you’ll notice you only have access to file rating scan and no access to a full scan. The file rating scan is used by many to search the computer for unknown files so the user can add files he/she trusts to the trusted files list.

CFW has antivirus, but it’s slightly limited and it relies on cloud scanning rather than local signatures.