why does cfp conflict with prosecurity?


dear comodo forum buddies,
I cannot use the prosecurity together with the cfp. fyi if you don’t know about the prosecurity it works like the processguard when it was really a reliable one. besides, it was pity that the prosecurity conflict to the comodo firewall personal.so i had to use the look’stop firewall together with comodo boclean and comodo antivirus instead of it. but i would like to use the trhee comodo products together with my prosecurity. but if the comodo developers read my thread this may be changed in the near future and it will stop conflicting with cfp.best regards.



I used Process Guard for some time before the company went belly up. Way ahead of the curve I thought at that tiem.

Seems to me the world has caught up with Diamond’s technology.

I would specualte that the incompatibility is simply two programs fighting to do the same thing. Only so many hooks, only so much duplication of effort is possible.

Because CFP’s Defense+ and ProSecurity are HIPS products. That’s the same as trying to run 2 software firewalls or 2 anti-viruses that conflict.