Why does BOClean take so long to start up?

I log in and always have to wait a good 20-25 seconds until the blue window is gone. My other programs fire up instantly and good to go as soon as I log in. Why is BOClean like this? Its so annoying I might remove it just because of this issue. My other programs running when I log in:

ZoneAlarm free edition
Avira 8 premium

Yes I have tried removing others and just using BOClean. Same exact issue. Is there a fix to get around the problem? I really do like BOClean. :confused:

Sorry about that … more typical is about 10-12 seconds, but that will vary on how much “free CPU time” is available (and the system will blame us for 100% anyway during that time because we’d like to have all we can without raising “priority”) which BOClean can use at startup. There are also a lot of things BOClean has to check as by design, we don’t “cache” previously known proggies under BOClean’s “trust NO one” design. So every single process, every single DLL, every single registry item, every single network connection and numerous other “they could hide something in here” checks must be done at every startup.

And sadly, the list of those items grows by leaps and bounds every day. :frowning:

Once BOClean has started, and is on a running system, then and only then does it cache what it’s seen and compare what it knows to anything which might change afterward. (if we left a file behind, BAD guys could WRITE to it, bypassing their malware, NOT good, so NO “previous good” stored in BOClean) That’s how we keep the “hit” as low as possible. But we cannot trust a freshly started system, and that’s why everything has to be checked thoroughly before BOClean drops into “monitor” mode. No information from one startup is stored into the next, and we prefer to keep things honest that way. There isn’t much that can be done about that without increasing the potential risks by an order of magnitude.

The “long lag” BTW is probably the result of one of the other proggies taking too long to “have a sniff” … might want to try it with WinPatrol off, then with ThreatFire off during a reboot and see which one it is which is causing the problem. I suspect it’s WinPatrol, but could be wrong …

Thanks for the info. I will just deal with it. I feel naked with out it.

I’d still be curious to see if one of those other programs might have some effect on it … we might be able to let them know about it.

I will give it a test run later on today and let ya know.