Why does BOClean stop responding when I click "Covered Malware" ?


I just installed BOClean for the first time. When I click the “Covered Malware” button, the name on it changes to “Writing List” - and the proramme stops responding.

Any ideas on why that happens ??

I’m running Windows 98 2nd Ed. on a Toshiba Satellite 2590 laptop.

Ayran in OZ

Hi Ayran, welcome to the forums.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but you need to make sure the CBOC guys see this. So, I’ll move it to CBOC section.

(:WAV) Thank you very much for moving this to the appropriate spot, kail.

I’ll look forward to what the “experts” have to say. :BNC

Hi Ayran :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong :slight_smile: CBOClean uses Windows Notepad to show you the list of currently covered malware. At the moment the count is at 39409 different types of malware, and it takes some time to write that down :slight_smile: So have a little patience, that’s all :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Hello “Rednose” :wink:

As it “happens”, BOClean actually does “stop responding” onon my PC - even if I wait half an hour.

The manager thingy that pops up when I press control-alt-delete informs me of that fact, and I have no choice but to stop the programme, and then restart it again. Other than that, it seems to be working ok.

I know there’s a trojan of some sort in the snadboy ‘Revelation’ programme, so I went to install that and - sure enough - BOClean “caught it” and deleted it straight away.

I’m a 68-year-old pretty-much-newby at all this modern tech stuff, but quite enjoying it.

Cheers from “down-under” !


To be honnest to you this is new for me. Half an hour is too long. But can you tell us if the colour of CBOCleans traybar icon is Red or Green when CBOClean “stops responding” ???

Greetz, Red.

The icon in the taskbar turns sort of yellowish-grey :THNK

— and when I stop it and restart it, it reappears again in a lovely Blue :BNC

Now I am lost :-\ Normaly when you open CBOCleans menu the traybar icon should be red untill you close that menu. And you can’t close the menu when CBOClean is writing the list of covered malware.

Greetz, Red.

I am sorry I can’t help you right now :-X Maybe one of the Mods will have an idea ??? ~cat~ or maybe Kevin :slight_smile: But you can always submit a ticket :

Btw. you can look for the list of covered malware here too :


Greetz, Red.

This is strange, I think it may be due to you using an older OS but even so, this issue should not be there.

Does your CPU usage go up to 100% when you try to generate the covered malware report or does BOClean just stop responding and nothing happens?

Hello Justin :slight_smile:

BOClean just stops responding and nothing happens :stuck_out_tongue:

PS I have great memories of Florida. Have a friend there, author Hazel Henderson - whom I haven’t seen or contacted in many years. Lived on Marathon Key while my two daughters went to school there for a term 22 years ago !!

PPS The “Preview” option on this forum doesn’t work on my laptop either - it just comes back with my original typed message “as is”. Perhaps/probably because we’re both getting to be Antiques. (But, then, neither of us seems to catch any more viruses either ! ) ;D

I see, then the developers will need to look into this to see what the issue may be.

I have been through Marathon Key, very nice area :slight_smile:

Strange about the preview option, it is working for me fine, which browser are you using?

Sorry, I just now saw this, notifier didn’t alert me as it was a “moved” topic? :-
May I ask what OS, processor and amount of memory you are running?
Also, what other security applications you have/had installed?
“Had” because we’ve seen processes running from applications that were supposed to have been uninstalled. ???

Hello Cat

Just got back from a totally gorgeous holdiday on the Sunshine Coast. (:KWL)

I’m on a friend’s PC at present. My Toshiba Satellite 2590 laptop uses Windows 98, 2nd Edition, and - until I installed CBOClean - has been using only the grisoft AVG anti-virus sotware for ‘security’. I use gmail for emails, so the only way I’m picking up ‘bugs’ is through surfing the net I guess. I’m a pretty low-level amateur user - although I check out and read a lot of stuff on the web.

Cheers from “down-under” to you all - and by all means contact me when you come visit ! I live in a small ‘open-sexuality’ cooperative intentional community of 8 adults and three children, and we take “woofers” on our 11-acre macadamia farmlet in North-Eastern New South Wales. (:WIN)

What OS, processor and amount of memory you are running?
You should be able to find that information by right clicking on “My Computer” and choosing “properties”.

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Hello again ~cat~

Sorry I’m so late in getting back to this forum - I’ve been away for quite a while.

I’m running Windows 98 (2nd Ed.) on a Toshiba Satellite 2590XDVD laptop with 399MHz Genuine Intel Celeron processor, with 192MB RAM


NSW Australia

Sounds like a combination of your system (hardware and software) being a little long of tooth/short of leg and the inherit issue of using notepad to view large files.
My system is several generations ahead of yours (2.37 GHz AMD 64, 1 gig of ram and XP Pro) and still takes several minutes to generate the file. :-
It should eventually come out of it’s “coma” but could take awhile especially if you haven’t trimmed/tweaked your active running processes down.

Thanks for your reply, ~cat~

The default programme which it would use to show the show the Report text file is actually EditPlus - but it doesn’t just take a long time, it “freezes” Commodo altogether, so I cannot close the menu box that appears on my screen but have to use ctrl + alt + delete to stop the programme altogether and then start it up again.

At any rate, it’s not really a problem at all - as long as I don’t click “Examine Report”, Comodo seems to run just fine on my ‘antiquated’ system. Plus I think I have an advantage in that my ‘old’ system doesn’t seem to attract as many ‘bugs’.

Cheers ! :■■■■