Why does AV not include a message saying email has been scanned by Comodo

Not sure if this is the correct place for this post but here goes

I have just installed CIS after only using Comodo firewall for the past couple of weeks………yes I’m very happy with Comodo firewall.

Having used and been very happy with AVG antivirus for many years, I am surprised to see that Comodo AV does not include a message at the bottom of an email to say that it has been scanned by Comodo AV.

This is a feature that AVG uses and I think would be a great asset for Comodo if they included it and would certainly help to promote the Comodo name.

Comodo’s real-time scanner will scan attachments as you try to open or save them, therefore protecting you against infected e-mail attachments. What’s the point in having in having it written on the bottom of an e-mail? If the e-mail is safe, no AV popup, if it isn’t, you get a popup.


Beanie :slight_smile:

The point is to promote the Comodo name.

I know what Comodo is doing for me, however when forwarding emails, which I do a lot, it would surly be beneficial for the Comodo name to be promoted as having scanned/checked this email.

AVG have been doing this for years.

Actually I’m not sure if I am getting myself confused.

Secure Email does say that “all outgoing emails will be signed” but if I send myself an email I do not see anything.

Sorry if I’m confusing everyone but I’m so used to using AVG that this is very different to me ;D

Hummmmmm…………………just found this in SecureEmail help page

Why are some mails not signed?
This could be because your email client has encrypted an email before SecureEmail intercepted it. Please ensure that you have turned off encryption and signing in you email client.

I use OE and this does not encrypt my email 88)

well, CIS doesn’t have email scanner yet :slight_smile:
so there’s no way to have that “this email has been scanned blah blah” sign unless you type it manually ;D

yeah, we could use that “scanned” note/sign. good idea. :-TU

errr, are you still talking about CIS or CSE (comodo secure email)? ???

I believe the answer to the OP’s question is here:

Sorry Lt.ganda I meant SecureEmail at that point.

This is where I find changing form AVG to Comodo different. AVG Free edition provided AV and email footer signature.

.FaZio93….thanks for that. As Melih said it’s a great way to get one’s brand across that I was initially trying to say.