Why do you need us so badly?


I wondered why it is that Comodo needs us to spread the word in this way, and apparently so badly.

It’s a sincere question, based on personal security paranoia!

I feel, about Comodo, that it is this gigantic and already mega-successful body of programmers, developers, distributors and security consultants - truly, that’s the image that I have of you.

Comodo is, to computing security, what Microsoft seems to be, for platforms - except that, with Comodo’s software, far fewer people pull their hair out and reach for their service revolvers in the first day!

Many come to you. Many download your products. Many trust you implicitly with the security of so many aspects of their machines and Net connections and with their most personal documents / file-contents. I’m asking, basically…while you’re watching out for our security, who watches Comodo?

I see that Comodo products are introducing themselves into the security of all computers, in almost every way possible, all over the world: password protection, firewall, antivirus, anti-malware…and, that apparent hugeness makes me wonder about why you need us to help you spread out in this way - you seem headed for immensity and massive success, anyway.

And, that’s quite a powerful and growing grip on the security of tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of machines, as the system provided grows.

I am aware that I may be missing a quite simple principle of development and distribution.

I am curious about the source code and who (outside Comodo’s people) is able to inspect it, and who does inspect it, if/when they needed to for any reason. I’m one of your frequently happy customers and, as with almost all others, I wouldn’t be able to spot any security problems secreted in source code if it jumped up and waved a red flag at me.

So, who has inspected the source code, so far…and, what were their findings??

The finest security grows only from the worst insecurity (definitely me!)…and, there’s really no such thing as too much caution, to my view.

I’ve not posted, here, to irritate…I hope that you can see that I’m simply applying enhanced security consciousness in this message…and, I’m being totally sincere about my concerns.


while you're watching out for our security, who watches Comodo?
We do ;)

Thanks for your posts Ian.

The question of who is watching the watchman is an age old question with no answer to I am afraid as it goes to infinity.

It is our users, and please bear in mind, we do have some excellent and talented security professionals who use our products, who scrutinize every single thing we do day in day out. They don’t have access to our source code, but they sure watch what that code does. At the end of the day it is our users whose trust we want to gain. We will make sure to deliver the products they want.

And because these products are free, there is no advertisement to inform many users out there who could benefit from our products, it is important to ask for our user’s help to spread the word to many out there who is yet to find out about our products.



Thanks for your replies, folks.

One problem, here, is illustrated in the saying, “If a thing looks too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true!” That’s a sentiment that I hold to, but only because of how many times I’ve been bitten and turned shy as a result. Comodo’s development of all of this amazing security software is like a wet dream for paranoids, such as…me. Anybody who has leaned, for security, towards large Corporates and paid a nasty price for it, later, will understand my bite-shyness, in this.

I’m actually mesmerised by the Comodo team’s software, the functions of their software and by the dedication with little monetary return and, I suppose, it occasionally makes me stop and wonder if I’m being as much taken in by all this Software From Paradise as I once was with the Norton collective - with the difference being…I pay nothing with Comodo and, even better, your software works.

Sometimes, I open the main window of the Firewall and I just sit back and stare at it and its various tabs and sections and I just whisper, “Ga-w-w-wd!” I do that because such a fantastic performer (with magnificent looks as a bonus) is free. Back to the “…too good to be true…” wonderment, I suppose.

Thanks for the replies, guys.



I think the point you are missing is that, Comodo does make money by gaining user’s trust. This is because we (Comodo) then are able to sell digital certificates to online merchants because we have a user base that trusts the brand of Comodo and not other providers of digital certificates.

There is a post I would recommend you read to understand fully how this biz model work



Thanks for the reply.

As the users develop trust in the Comodo name, and software, the Comodo name becomes your most powerful credential upwards to the gaze of corporations. Those corporate folks then increasingly witness the public’s almost palpable trust for your name and your reliability, and that same name becomes your most trusted ID downwards, to those (and, later, more of those) general users: I see it, I think. Then, the public begin to use web sites that involve your corporate-strength security and certificates - everybody wins, except the competition? Companies would be foolish to go elsewhere for their large-scale security.

It’s difficult to see how existing corporations would be able to compete…with public trust being won by developers who don’t charge and they’d see the delivery of the very thing that they need the most…not just to trust, but to be able to trust, onwardly, without need of considering annual updated payments for software licenses.

At a guess, I’d say that the developers of other large-series security packages - the big names - are in trouble, already.


You summarised it nicely Ian! :slight_smile: