Why do we need firewall and antivirus ?

Why its are necessary if windows (windows8 for example) has its already?
It would by nice to have a list of reasons ?

Because the AV that comodo has and its Firewall are WAY more powerful and configurable than the ones in windows 8. For example Windows Defender or what ever its going to be called in Win 8 I’m pretty sure won’t have HIPS, Sandbox or any of the stuff Comodo has. Same goes with the firewall. Plus the windows firewall doesn’t go off that often. So from what I have seen in anti malware tests malware can most easily connect to the web, in which using Comodo you would have an alert come up since it won’t be on the list of safe programs most likely.

While you can make the argument that you don’t need an antivirus you definitely need a Firewall and (definitely if you don’t have an antivirus) a HIPS.

While the firewall that comes with Windows may be sufficient for some people, Comodo’s Firewall is much more powerful and configurable.

Please let me know if you have any further security questions and I can try to explain. It definitely is a confusing area.

That’s why word! :slight_smile: