Why do Scan times decrease with subsequent Defense+ on demand scans?

I scanned my PC after installing CFP3 using the “Scan My PC” option in Defense+. I was testing against different versions of the EICAR.com test file. The first time it took 11:51 (minutes), second time 9:16, third time 6:18, 4th time 26 seconds. Each scan found the EICAR.com test file and scanned approx. 83360 objects. Is this behavior expected and explainable? If so, could someone explain it to me?

Secondary question/comment. The Defense+ scanner does not appear to be scanning zip files. It did not detect the EICAR test file embedded in a Zip file in any of the 4 scans. Am I correct in my assumption or is this a problem?


I also downloaded the EICAR.zip file and ran D+ scanner and it did NOT detect it either. However it took 13 minutes and 32 seconds and did not slow any on the 2nd scan.

i remember some talk a while ago about the decrease scanning time after multiple scans (can’t find the topic) but i’m pretty sure its normal…has something to do with caching of some sort (correct me if i’m wrong)

I will not only not correct you, but reinforce you :D:


I think I’ve attained the world record for fastest AV scan time ;D.

                      there's the topic :)

Interesting question. I haven’t seen this one yet :). You’re right. I just confirmed this by scanning a zip file of a file that CFP deemed as malware and it wasn’t detected. Remember that the current scanner is very basic. Once CIS is out, things will start jumping :BNC

Thanks for the responses. I read through the thread that Soyabeaner referenced and could not find that there was ever a confirmation as to why the scans speed up - only speculation. Maybe I missed something but it seems to me that the answers were more -maybe this or maybe that - maybe some caching going on.

I noticed a couple of places where someone named Egemen would be a good person to have take a look at this but I didn’t see any posts from Egemen.

Did this get resolved somewhere else and I just missed the link or is this speed up thing still an unknown.

I don’t want to step on any toes. I would just like to know why this is happening. I appreciate the help.

Thanks to all,

Nope. Still no vivid answer :frowning: