Why do kernel components prevent backups?

I was rather disappointed to see this message when uninstalling a program that installed some drivers:

“No backups were made because the application contains kernel components”

Given that CPM is running in the context of ‘Local System’, I don’t see the reasoning why a backup of drivers can’t be made. I can manually copy them using Windows Explorer so CPM should likewise be able to copy them.

I specifically downloaded CPM to keep better track of programs that install drivers but don’t necessarily uninstall them later. This limitation seems to be rather severe for a system level application.


The difficulty in creating backups for applications with drivers lies not in creating the backup itself but in restoring the application from the backup file. There are problems with starting the drivers after a restore which may limit the application’s functionality (think of an antivirus software which has lost part or all of its functionality, leaving the system unprotected). The improper activation of a driver can also lead to system instability and loss of functionality.

At the moment the backup creation functionality has been removed for these applications in order to prevent this kind of problems from occurring in the case of a restore. Fixes to this issue will be taken into consideration for future releases.

Thank you for your feedback.