Why do I never get help and answers to my problems?

Hope to get answers with this one!
Go check my other post. Hope to finally get help!

Hi hermes333,
While it is unfortunate that you questions have not been answered in your other topics, please remember that the Forum mainly consists of General users like you and I.
If no one knows the answers to your queries, they will not reply and it is nothing personal.
Sorry I can not help with your questions in the other topics.
Kind regards.

If it’s about Comodo Antivirus for Linux I have no idea since I don’t use it… Sorry… I hope somebody can help you out… If not submit a ticket here: http://support.comodo.com/

About submitting a ticket, there is a section that I can’t leave blank: SASP Order Information and I have to put Order Number OR Domain Name, I don’t get it, so I’m not able to submit a ticket to the Comodo Support Home:
https://support.comodo.com/?group=comodo . I have a feeling that support is only for the paid versions of Comodo. Hope someone can help me on that one and eplain to me what does that mean.

Hi hermes333,
After selecting submit a ticket, you then have to choose the correct product department with the issue (Screenshot).
If it is about Comodo Internet Security then choose this from the drop down menu before clicking next.

You will then not require SASP Order Information.

The support system is not solely for paid services.

Hope that helps.

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