why do i need to update graphic driver for windows 10 resulation?

i am usindg windows 10 32 bit after fresh install windows 10 my desktop screen show big so i just try to change the screen resulation from windows settings but nothing happens so i updated my ati readon 3000 graphic driver version and my screen resulation becomes normal. My question is why do i need to update my graphic driver version manually? And how can i solve this issue in future windows update release? Or do i need to upgrade my graphic card to solve this issue permanently.

When drivers fix it you wouldn’t have to buy new hardware, wouldn’t you? :wink:

You would expect Windows 10 to have a driver though.

actually i dont want to update my graphic driver manually for windows future versions. So how can i fix this issue

It’s hard to predict the future. I cannot answer that question.

as a general knowledge to fix the issue do i need change my processor for this issue or i need to add latest graphic card to solve this problem with window 10? I want to know this because i dont want to update my ati readon 3000 graphic driver version manually from the net which is inbulid with amd athelon dual core processor.

is there anyone who can inform me about this ?

Instead of the resolution, have you tried to change the display size within the driver’s settings window? (ie shrink it to fit?)
I had to do this with my ATI 5770 card. Surprisingly, after a week, the size went back to normal (resized again to reverse the changes I had made).

did you updated windows 10 because microsoft will automatically update graphic driver version with the windows update.



If nobody knows the answer around here try one of the Microsoft forums.

Can you provide me the link please?

I guess, in the first instance, that would be: http://answers.microsoft.com/ → Windows 10

You’ll need to sign-up and then use “Ask the community” (create topic basically) if you cannot find the answer.