Why do i need to create a rule?

Yesterday i download comodo firewall because my connection kept hanging up and i had a feeling it was to do with zone alarm, also the only blue screens i can remember having have all had something to do with zone alarm.

As far as comodo is concerned so far so good, however i was having problems with µtorrent but a few searches of these forums fixed that i.e. creating the rule. I was wondering tho, when i first started µtorrent with comcodo installed, it prompted whether to allow or block µtorrent. It also mentioned the port of which i have set µtorrent to use. As it clearly knew what port µtorrent was attempting to use how come i had to create a rule?


Comodo Firewall is like a Router part (Network Monitor) + Firewall (Aplication Monitor).
Firewall will ask you for rules, but in the router, you will have to create them manually.

That’s pretty much it, at this point. I have recently added a request to the Wishlist that would address this issue, I think.

At the present, the Application Rules (which your popup allows you to generate) would need a corresponding Network Monitor Rule.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the rules structure for CPF. https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,5372.0.html Hopefully that will give you a better understanding of how CPF works…