Why do I need Comodo Firewall?

This may seem like a bit of an obvious question and some may even see it as a way of starting a thread of arguments but put simply why should I install Comodo? Or maybe I shouldn’t?
I currently run my machine behind a Netgear router with the firewall turned on. I have run a test “security space” audit against this with no problems. I keep my anti-virus up to date and I have the basic Windows firewall turned on.
Is it more about catching stuff on outbound ports? Or catching stuff my anti-virus doesn’t know about yet and has no definitions. Presumably the NetGear is protecting me on the inbound ports?
Thanks for the help

A hardware firewall is an cheap effective peace of equipment… IMO if you have a decent hardware firewall (Like the one you have) CIS firewall provides nothing extra to your INBOUND protection… CIS offers outbound CONTROL.

Why should you use CIS? Because it is a multi layered single solution security approach. Prevention(Defense+) Detection(Antivirus) and Cure (Comodo Time machine soon to be released)

Defense+ offers an effective HIPS that is far more valuable used in the right hands compared to any antivirus.

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Threats, these days, come in many forms. Having a firewall is one line of defence and having anti virus is another. However, there are threats that may be able to bypass both of these barriers.

CIS, is not just a firewall, Of course it has that component. It also has AV, but it also has HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention). Should the firewall fail and the AV not detect, then HIPS will collect.

With regards to the need for a software firewall, there are many and endless arguments about the need for a firewall when using a router with inbuilt firewall capabilities. In short, a software firewall will give you control over your outbound connections.

If you’re using Vista or Windows 7, then by default these firewall allow all outbound connections. You can, however, configure them to control what does and what does not need to be allowed out.

Thanks for the replies guys.

My experience had always been that the software firewalls are more hassle than they are worth but I am going to install Comodo and give it a go. I am trying to strike a balance between actual threat and having to accept pop ups to ask me to allow stuff which is again my previous experiance of software firewalls.
With regard to the last response could you tell me why you think that Comodo is better than the built in Windows Firewall (on XP)?

The Windows Firewall has no outbound protection.

Hello! Who can help me? For a few days when I open my computer my internet not working, although the status of the network card shows that I connected, only when I disable and enable the network, the Internet works, which could be the problem? Thanks!

My girlfriend went on a site you’ve been infected etc she choose to remove all. Thanks to cis when I got on the pc only the rogue installer setup was on it cis had stopped it running. I cleaned it out & have now set the parental password so a lesson here for non firewall uses.

Software firewalls are definately a must have. CIS has a good firewall (both inbound and outbound) a good AV and the awsome Defense+ (or HIPS which offer control on what your software is allowed to do).

These will offer excellent protection and furthermore CIS is updated frequently. An option that a hardware firewall simply does not offer. This means that what your hardware firewall is not designed to block CIS probably will.

Another plus for CIS is that it also has a memory firewall which will protect your system from BO attacks. (Another feature a hardware firewall cannot have)