why do i have to signe into google to install some extensions

I don’t know if this is just a dragon thing or any chromium browsers but if i go to install a shortcut like facebook to show on the new tab page it redircts me to sign into a google account instead of just adding the shortcut. I believe it does this with some real extensions as well. Not just the shortcut to site type extensions. Does any one know why i have to sign in before it will let me install some extensions

I’m not sure what you mean by installing a shortcut to show on the new tab page.

As for extensions, can you give us some examples that exhibit this behavior for you?

links to examples:


i don’t want those but those are some i found that ask you to sign in when you try to install them. all they do is put a link on the new tab page that shows your most visited sites and recently closed sites

Hmmm… Yes, that’s strange.

All I can think of is that you’re needing to log in for the Chrome Web Store to process these downloads. I don’t know why this should be the case for a free download, but I can’t think of any other reason for this. I can kind of understand the YouTube link because that is a Google thing, but I can’t figure out why Facebook would require a login to the store.

I did download Chrome to check out what it did, and it also wanted me to log in. So it’s not Dragon specific. I’m suspecting more of a Chrome Web Store thing, than a browser thing.

Grandma Google, why do you need to see my ID every time you give me a free cookie?
All the better to track you with my dear little red riding surfer. >:-D


lol. i just don’t understand why it does it for some but not others. it would be cool if comodo could make something to bypass this when chrome store wants you to login before you install something. or if comodo made their own addon gallery and extensions but that i would imagine would take a lot of work on comodo’s part. but if you guys made a place where devs could just make their own extensions instead of making them as well then that would be a little easier but i don’t know if that would require a lot of servers or not but i would think it would. plus some extensions like WOT and i’m sure some others don’t work with dragon. i don’t know if those extensions do something that dragon just doesn’t like for security and privacy reasons or if it’s just a compatability issue that the devs of those extensions would have to fix to make it work with dragon. if it is a compatability issue then comodo would probably have to do something to appeal to devs for them to port their extensions to dragon. one would be get more popular but i don’t see that happening soon considering everyone i know didn’t even know about comodo period until me and i’m sure it’s that way with a lot of other people here on the forum. eveyone on the forum for the most part probably has to introduce comodo to everyone they know before they know about comodo