Why do I get a virus notification when I try to download Adobe 9

My computer runs Vista and the newest version of Comodo free anti virus package. When I try and download Adobe 9 the process is interupted with a Comodo anti virus error message as follows:


The virus is easily removed but is this a genuine virus given that it is sourced from the Adobe website? Can I ignore the message and continue the download as I need to view pdf files on my computer?

It’s could be a false positive

i did a download of adobe yesterday with exactly the same problem. I added it to my exclusion list and all went well. It must be a fp

This is a False Positive please follow this guide on how to submit FP’s:
How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them

Or use this page:


Hi evans88 ,

The Signature ID you have mentioned in the detection seems to be incorrect.( Heur.suspicious[at]263 ) (Underlined). Can you arrange to find the exact CIS detection for the particular sample and let us know the same to fix this issue. If you have the exact sample, for the false positive occurs, Please submit the file also to the forum.

You can opt any of the procedure given in the following link:

-Chandra Mohan

it appears to flag it in the downloader portion of adobe, such as when you “install now”. I noticed a BSOD on getplus-* and on cmdguard.sys and on the intel video driver (ialmdnt5.dll) on the machine I was working on. There were others I think. getplus is the adobe downloader (just google). the machine I was working on has either memory or chipset problems - used machine and memory.

but yes, it also flags adobe flash player too. everything adobe free pretty much.