Why did this just happen

Live PC Support Technicians console just installed itself on my computer without any notice or action by me. Can anyone explain how this happened. This does not seem right…

We need to know what were you doing at that time…

On some medical sites such as davis vision and rock hill pediatrics.

There was no warning from Comodo?

No warning or anything. Matter of fact at the time of install at 1248pm est I was not on the computer but the computer was on.

Hmmmm…really weird…

I don’t know anything about “Live PC Support Technicians”, but I know that some shady software will wait a while before actually installing.
Woo hoo! I found the article I read that mentions this:

The idea is that if you select some option to install software and then think “Oh ■■■■! I didn’t mean to do that!” and then go look in your “Add/Remove Programs” area and see that it’s not there, you’ll think the install just failed and you’re fine - but then 10 minutes later the installer kicks off and does its thing.

Probably not what happened to you, but I guess it’s a possibility.