Why did i get Relevant Knowledge installed when i installed Comodo Firewall?

Last night i downloaded the latest version of Comodo Firewall (4.1.150349.920) from the Comodo website. When i installed the program I noticed a new icon in my system tray which i discovered was Relevant Knowledge, a known spyware program. Why is Comodo, the program i chose to install to protect me from spyware like this, installing this ■■■■?

I have since used avast! to remove all traces of it. Could anyone tell me why it was installed in the first place? I saw no option to allow or decline the installation.

Thanks, Ed.

Comodo does not bundle RK with their products.

You may have installed another product in which you accepted the license, therefore RK was installed.

I didnt think that it would be, but it appeared the moment the Comodo installation finished. I hadnt installed anything else for at least a week previously. Do you have any ideas why it may have shown up right then? I would really like to avoid it returning :frowning:

Could you check your computer with these two programs:
How to check if your computer is infected