Why CTM fakes MBR and patches it????


Today when I scanned with Emsisoft I got a MBR infection with it and when checked the mBR with MBRchecker it said it is FAKED? I thought maybe a TDSS but when scanning with tdsskiller, gmer, hitman pro, etc… nothing and pc was clean. SO I uninstalled CTM and the MBR went back to the normal windows 7. I re-installed CTM 2.9 since 2.8 does not install on my machine and I got the changed MBR warning again? ID CTM 2.9 a rootkit or infected??

Thanks for any help

No, it’s not rootkit. CTM needs to patch a MBR to be able to restore your system during booting.

Please, do not “change” the MBR with a third party tool while CTM 2.9 is installed.
You could lose data.
CTM is clean and it’s not a rootkit. Emsisoft is very known as giving a lot of false positives.