Why CSC cleans Prefetch folder by default?

Heading says it all. I have understood that prefetch files are used to speed up your application boottime, so why would we want to delete them in every cleanup? Or am i missing some functionality of these files?

I understand that when Prefetch folder grows by the time, it’s propably good to clean it smaller again. But at least for me, i use CSC much more often than i would need to clean Prefetch folder. I install new software rarely and i don’t run “task scheduler” service which is needed(i think) for remaking those files. Would this be a good option(to clean prefetch folder every time) only if you un/install lots of software?

Since applications are nothing other than data (files, folders which make up the programs), they are susceptible to the same form of punishment all other data on your system is open to… defragmentation, as well as just residing on your hard disk, if needed, the program must be called from the disk and loaded into memory. If XP (or 2003) tries to prefetch applications you don’t regularly use, then you may be wasting memory.

Prefetch when unattended can also slow down your system. This is because over time

* XP will retain a copy of a portion of a program in the prefetch folder even if you only use it one time, which is not good. Since you may not use the program again, you may impact the performance of your system by having portions of a program you do not use loaded in your system's memory.
* XP systems with very low hardware resources (such as memory and hard disk space) will definitely be affected by an over-bloated prefetch folder. 

To Know more visit Prefetcher - Wikipedia.

Okay, thank you for good answer. So, did i understood it right that optimal thing to do is clean Prefetch folder once, and then let it be if i don’t un/install any programs? So i don’t need to clean it every time i use CSC?

I read your Prefetcher link and in the end of it says: “A second myth is that the user should delete the prefetch folder contents to speed up the computer. If this is done, Windows will need to re-create all the prefetch files again, thereby slowing down Windows during boot and program starts until the prefetch files are created–unless the prefetcher is disabled”.

So i would think that it’s good to empty prefetch folder ONLY if it’s filled with old programs you don’t have anymore?

It would be better to clear the prefetch folder from time to time (like you do defragmantation). Your OS will create prefetch files again based on your usage.

Ok. Thanks for the quick answers! :-TU

Anytime Mate.